Parkside Residences

The site slopes dramatically between the single-family neighborhood of West Campus, and the commercial properties of Lamar Boulevard 100’ below. Through a careful orchestration of a flag lot subdivision, we were able to propose three single-family, 2500 square foot homes across 60’ of slope, accessed off of Lamar from Old 19th Street.

The design of three buildings at once provided the opportunity to create a community of modern houses that are both open to the out of doors and private, all the while being in close proximity to each other. The southern orientation and great change in elevation provided a view of downtown Austin and the means to pose designs such that large expanses of glass do not impede on the privacy of the adjacent homes or vice versa. Each house is designed to both open to the view and to its adjacent gardens – combining the drama of vista with the intimacy of a private environment. Green roofs encourage their own use as well as provide a handsome foreground to the buildings higher on the hillside. Meanwhile, interior environments balance the orientation with light and view always arising from several sources. Continuous surfaces between rooms and inside and out are paramount throughout the designs, while adjustable screens allow for fine tuning the relationship between spaces as unexpected openings punctuate the whole ensemble with a sense of surprise and curiosity.


Casey Dunn

Furnishings for the photographs provided by:

Scott and Cooner

Urbanspace Interiors

Kyle Bunting

Awards & Publications
AIA Austin Design Award - Honor